1793 Planning a City - Featured

1793 Planning a City

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In 1793 Spanish officials in St. Louis named Louis Lorimier the Commandant of the District of Cape Girardeau.  Shortly thereafter, he reveived Spanish land grants totaling several thousand arpents (1 arpent = .85 acres).  In 1806 Lorimier and his secretary, Barthelemi Cousin, laid out lot and street plans along the wide, flat riverfront.  In 1808 the small riverfront village was incorporated as the town of Cape Girardeau.

At work on “1909 President Taft’s Visit” - Featured

At work on “1909 President Taft’s Visit”

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The first sitting President to visit Cape Girardeau was William Howard Taft, who arrived on the riverfront in the early morning of October 26, 1909.  He was part of a 16-boat flotilla carrying cabinet members, Congressmen, governors, river commissioners and a large number of dignitaries who came down the river to publicize the developing effort to stabilize and deepen the river channel.  A large welcome arch was constructed over the Themis Street entrance to the city.  A crowd estimated at 25,000 gathered to hear the President speak from the steps of the new Academic Hall on the college campus.  It was a day of great celebration in Cape, for years remembered as “Taft Day”.