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Nature’s River

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Before humans lived in this area, the Mississippi River Valley was a great wide wetland teaming with plant and animal life.  The hawthorne plant, with its brilliant blossoms and bright red berries, became the Missouri state flower.  The Carolina parakeet, once prevalent in the river valley, had generally vanished by 1900.  The last known member of the species died on February 21, 1918, in the Cincinnati Zoo.

1861-1863 The Civil War - Featured

1861-1863 The Civil War

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An exciting incident occurred at the Battle of Cape Girardeau on April 23, 1863, when Confederate forces attacked from the west and south of town.  During the battled several Confederate cannon balls pierced the roof of the residence of Alfred Lacey on Caruthers Street.  Ike, a family slave, extinguished the resulting flames in the midst of the battle, saving the house from destruction.